Genova Mosaic: View and present your entire channel line-up

View and present your entire channel line-up with Anevia’s multi-viewer solution

Genova Mosaic is a multi-viewer solution enabling you to create a live mosaic page that you can configure according to your specific needs. You can use it either as a Live EPG to browse live channels, or as a multi-viewer monitoring tool.

So how does it work? In three steps:

  1. It ingests multiple live or file video-input feeds,
  2. It decodes them,
  3. Then it re-encodes the output as a single video output.

Genova Mosaic also enables you to set thumbnail sizes and positions independently, over a background that you define. It then delivers the composed scene in high-quality IP or OTT TV formats, multiplexed with the associated audio feeds.

Furthermore, Genova Mosaic provides monitoring for head-end operation rooms – with functions such as cycling and alarms.

It is based on software, making it both easy to upgrade and future-proof. Since it is not tied to specific hardware, Genova Mosaic can also run in virtual machines and in Docker containers for maximum flexibility. This enables Cloud hosting, making it easier for you to control your operating expenses.

Benefits of Genova Mosaic:

  • With live EPG: Provide easy navigation and promote premium channels through a full channel lineup
  • With multi-viewer monitoring: Improve Quality of Service by quickly detecting potential problems
  • Mosaic generator for up to 20 HD or 64 SD input
  • Supports multiple, simultaneous output mosaics
  • H.264 and HEVC encoding, up to 4K
  • Choose your output: Multicast or OTT packaged
  • Protect your investment with future-proof, upgradeable software
  • Control your expenses with ‘pay as you grow’ licensing.
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